Masaiti Mother In Sex Scandle With 19 Year Old Son

Masaiti Mother In Sex Scandle With 19 Year Old Son.

A woman of Masaiti District is reported to have been impregnated by her own biological son.

This is a case in which Temwani Mulenga (one of her sons), 19, sued Justina Mulenga (Mother), 39, of Masaiti for incest and inflicting psychological and emotional pain on him.

Temwani Mulenga narrated in a local court how he caught his mother, Justina Mulenga, having ferocious sex with his twin brother, Manyani Mulenga.

He also revealed that his mother has been on separation with his biological father due to marital disputes.

But in her Defence, Justina said she had been craving for sex for a long time and one day she accidentally walked into her son’s bedroom when he was taking a nap when she noticed a bulgy penis print on his briefs as he laid on his bed.

She claims she couldn’t resist the urge to have sex and decided to pleasure herself by enticing her son to have sex with her.

Manyani Mulenga also told the court that he is aware that he committed a serious crime, which is also morally wrong.

He further narrated that on that dreadful day, he was woken up by a tingly sensation and when he realized what was going on, his mother was already on top of him frantically moaning.

Family members have condemned Justina because of her acts. She is expecting to deliver a baby and the man responsible for her pregnancy is her own son.

But as it stands now, no judgment has been made because the case has been adjourned to a later date.