Marriage Tumbles Down After Hubby Marries ‘Niece’

Marriage Tumbles Down After Hubby Marries ‘Niece’

A WOMAN of Kawama township has told the Chifubu local court how her husband ended up marrying a woman he once introduced to her as his niece.

Maureen Sompwe told Local Court presiding magistrate Celestine Muchimba, sitting with senior Local court magistrate Kaala Nyambe and local court magistrate Besa Mushibwe that she got married to Francis Chishimba, 52, in 2013 and that K50 was paid as bride price. The couple has no children.

Sompwe told the court that she has endured pain at the hands of Chishimba and that she decided to sue for divorce because he was a stubborn man.

She charged that Chishimba had got his bride price back after his mother insisted that he did so following a marital dispute.

“ We have never known peace in our marriage.

Problems began barely four months after we got married. My husband has had extra marital relationships and at some point, he brought a woman from Kitwe, to our home and he introduced her to me as his niece. Surprisingly, he has ended up getting marrying the same woman and has since sent me packing from our matrimonial home,” Sompwe said.

In his defence, Chishimba told the court that Sompwe was the cause of all the problems experienced in their marriage because she was a drunkard.

He denied sending Sopmwe packing, claiming that she deserted their home due to her wayward ways.

The court granted the couple divorce stating that Chishimba was unfaithful to his wife and that it was shameful that he decided to remarry before divorce could officially be granted.

Chishimba was ordered to pay Sompwe a sum of K3000 as compensation, payable in monthly instalments of K200, effective September 18.

The court also ordered that the couple shares their property equally between them.