Mansa Woman Busted For Marrying Two Men – Double Tobela

Mansa Woman Busted For Marrying Two Men – Double Tobela

A woman of Senama Township in Mansa allegedly married to two men has gone into hiding after her duplicity was exposed.

The named woman’s parents got dowry from a Luwingu-based teacher and a taxi driver in Mansa.

She is reported to have split time between the two men.

The duped duo told media they discovered they were both married to the same woman through mobile phone call records.

“When I called the number, a teacher from Luwingu called Moses answered and I asked if he knew a woman called Judy and he said yes she was his wife,” he said.

The teacher, Moses Katebe, said he too had paid dowry for the woman and the two would spend time together at a guesthouse whenever he was in town to obtain his salary. It was agreed that Judy would live with her parents before joining him in Luwingu.

He was however, surprised to discover from Mr. Yawe that she would leave her Mansa-based husband under the pretext that she had been summoned by her relatives to go and spend days with him at a guesthouse.

She would arrive at the guest house with home cooked Nshima which she told Mr. Yawe said that she was taking it for her uncle at her mother’s place.

The duo decided to go to Mansa police station and went with a police officer to confront Judy, but upon a tip off, she went into hiding when her two husbands arrived with an officer.

However, she answered a call on her mobile phone and responded negatively when asked if she was married.

When the parents of the woman were confronted, they said they would convene a family meeting at which the matter would be discussed and asked for a stay before legal action could be taken against their daughter.

Source: Lusaka Times