Made In Zambia Products You Must Know

Made In Zambia Products You Must Know.

A while back the “Buy Zambian” campaign was sinking in with the locals but all of a sudden it has been so quiet and now people are only occupied with the scenes on the political arena. Everyone is a Political Analyst with a PhD in Law and Political science nowadays.

I strongly believe the Zambian government should encourage production and consumption of locally made products. We ought to learn much from countries like South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria in this sphere.

Today, I will highlight what I think are the Top “Made In Zambia” products which have won the hearts of many Zambians as real genuine products.

#1. Super Maheu. Maheu is a non-alcoholic maize drink, which traces its roots from a traditional Zambia drink called Amaheu. Amaheu is usually prepared by Zambian grandparents using left over Nshima. Somehow, Trade Kings Ltd modernised the formula and produced Super Maheu, which has been an instant success.

#2. Peanut Butter. Zambia makes very decent peanut butter. The good thing about Zambian Made Peanut Butter is the fact that it is all natural – just some peanuts, oil and salt.

#3. Laundry Paste. Zambia has many different militaristic-sounding brands that all, for some reason start with ‘B’. The main ones are “Boom” and “Bullet” but there is another third one that also penetrated the scene called “Bazooka.”

#4. Grenadilla Squash – Squash is something made by many companies in Zambia (some much better than others). You use it to make water into juice. Just pour a little into the bottom third of your cup and add water to the top. Grenadilla (a.k.a passion fruit) is by far the best flavour.

#5. Chicco Biscuits. Chicco Biscuits are square cookies and come in packs of two. Chicco biscuits have many flavours such as: Malt ‘n Milk, Chocolate, Banana Coconut etc.

If I forgot to mention anything else (I might have left out some new products because I have been out of Zambia for more than 6 years), let me know in the comment section. After all, we are a community and sharing info is what we do.