Macky 2 Vs Slap Dee Rap Battle Review

Macky 2 Vs Slap Dee Rap Battle Review

XYZ Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Slap Dee was on Christmas Eve crowned Zambia’s hip hop King in a fierce showdown with rival Copperbelt based music don Macky II.

In what played out to be one of the biggest music events in recent entertainment history, the stage was set to end Zambia’s longest running music feud and rivalry when two of the country’s most successful musicians were handed the Mic to sling it out on stage at Lusaka’s Hollywood Night Club.

The XYZ Entertainment front man got most reviews as dozens cheered him on stage compared to the reception given to the punchlines unleashed by the ‘LoLoLo’ hit maker.

Leading modern folklore singer Mumba Yachi was among the many musicians that took turns to congratulate Slap Dee for putting up a thrilling performance to return his throne as Zambia’s leading entertainment guru.

“The UNDISPUTABLE King of Zed Hip Hop! He is not where he is by chance! he really works hard. I saw him recording Somone. and the success of that song isn’t a surprise to me. I felt the impact before it came out. Pasa ulemu where it’s due.” Mumba wrote

However a legion of followers supporting Macky II quickly took to social media and disputed the claim and declared their man victor of the rap battle that unfolded before the eyes of the jam packed Lusaka Night Club hosted by leading music producer Killer Beats or DJ KB.

Music commentators say the event has now re-ignited the explosive rivalry between the two musicians and their followers that had previously dominated the entertainment circles before the two men quashed their ‘Beef.

“Certainly what we see here is the rebirth of more beefing between Mwila and Mark. The Mazeto they were unleashing on each other in those songs are about to make a return,” we can only speculate one said.

Slap Dee and Macky II remain two of Zambia’s most commercially successful musicians and those familiar with the event say they walked away with atleast K25,000 each for the showdown on Christmas eve.

Source: Mwebantu