Macky 2 Newly Opened Nightclub Vandalized

Macky 2 Newly Opened Nightclub Vandalized

Angry Kanyama residents last Saturday evening vandalized and burnt property at Ghetto Fabulous Nite Club belonging to musician Macky 2.

The Nite club was officially opened on Friday Night and on Saturday it was filled to capacity as patrons jostled to make their way into the former Titanic Nightclub.

On the day of Launch, a queue stretched from Los Angeles Road up to Lady Diana School as many residents wanted to catch a glimpse of Macky 2, who was scheduled to perform at the very venue, but were restrained as security demanded that they pay.

But at about 22:00 hours when information around spread that the entry had now become free , irate fans began to throw projectiles and forced their way in, bringing down the gate in the process.

The fans immediately rushed to loot drinks, property and beat up fellow patrons. A brawl transpired and commotion struck while people scampered to safety, some were unfortunate and sustained injuries while eight motor vehicles had their windscreens shattered in the fracas.

Macky 2 failed to perform later because the place went from Fabulous to Gheto in minutes, however in an interview Macky 2 expressed regret.

“I decided to create paradise in hell. I decided to bring a place where artists can perform so that we can appreciate their work. I worked on this project for six month.

I cant even express how much time, money and energy I put in this project. Had already paid rent and we opened on Friday. I am not sure if it is competitors around. I don’t know. I don’t know what to think anymore. That’s why I called it ghetto fabulous; we wanted a fabulous place in the ghetto. So it is heartbreaking. This is just the beginning, I don’t believe in quitting,” said Macky 2, real name Mulaza Kaira.