Lusambo Is An Impostor – MMD’s Lengwe Bwalya

Lusambo Is An Impostor – MMD’s Lengwe Bwalya.

We wish to inform the public that Bowman Lusambo, our National Youth Secretary is an impostor purporting to speak on behalf of MMD youths. Lusambo has been issuing statements left right and center, pretending to speak on behalf of MMD youths and attempting to deceive the public into believing that he represents the MMD when in fact, he is just a lone voice speaking words put in his mouth by the Patriotic Front (PF).

As MMD youths, we have never sat and agreed to be constantly praising the PF the way Lusambo is doing. We urge the public to ignore his fake stage-managed statements, which include his claim to be aspiring for the MMD Vice-President’s position. Lusambo is a joker who is not qualified to be in such a big position that can only be occupied by people of integrity. Zambians are not fools to believe that Lusambo represents the MMD. His actions are those of a person who is on someone’s payroll.

It is regrettable that Lusambo has betrayed the MMD and his president Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba. As reported in the media, he attempted to turn our Councilors and get them to support the PF candidate in the Solwezi West by-election. He does not even have any shame in betraying his own party and then using it to further his doomed political aspirations.

We wish to warn Lusambo that his days are numbered and he shall be decisively dealt with by the MMD. Even the in the PF where he has thrown himself, the PF youths do not want him because they know he is an impostor and a Judas who can betray them. His political career is over and he is going nowhere because Zambians now know the truth about him.

Lengwe Bwalya
MMD National Youth Treasurer