Lusaka Townships Receives $1.8 M Water Sanitation Grant

Lusaka Townships Receives $1.8 M Water Sanitation Grant

THE United States of America has granted US$1.8 million dollars to assist 1.2 million people in selected Lusaka townships have access to quality water, sanitation and promote hygienic practices.
The grant has been given to five private sector organisations through the Millennium Challenge Account Zambia Limited (MCA-Zambia).

“Today, we celebrate United States and Zambian governments’ dedication to prioritising Zambian citizens as primary actors in the drive to improve their living conditions. The grant stresses the importance of reaching out to a nation’s own citizens for help in resolving priority issues,” Mr Yamba said.

He urged the recipients to use the money for the intended purposes because it is from American tax payers.

“Your respective projects are aimed at alleviating poverty and increasing access to services in selected areas of Lusaka. I, therefore, urge you to implement these projects diligently with full regard that this is American tax payers’ money which cannot be misapplied,” he said

The companies that have received the grants are Zambian Breweries, Water and Sanitation Zambia, MECB Consultancy, Solid Tech Systems and Betternow Finance Zambia.

The companies will undertake various innovative projects in the beneficiary townships.