Lusaka Sex Workers Raise Prices

Lusaka Sex Workers Raise Prices.

According to Lusaka sex workers, times are hard and they have had to work extra hard to meet the rising cost of items on the market, with some of them now working day and night.

“Ala mwandini it is rough out here in the streets of Lusaka. It’s hard to find willing customers. Before they decide to consider your services they are demanding oral sex as dyonko just to get them in the mood. Our regular customers are now rationing how they spend money. Even government officials are coming to us lesser than usual. This is why we are going to raise the prices,” said Majory [a renowned sex worker on Cairo Road].

Prostitution is largely done at night, but according to them, the practice would now be a 24-hour service to meet the rising cost of living.

For a night’s service, the fee has been hiked from K80 to K150, the timing of which is anything between 8:00pm and 5:00am the next morning.

Some sex workers expressed reservations that those of them who are not too presentable might be unable to attract clients with the new arrangement, adding that they could be the losers under the circumstances.

In a country where sex work is illegal, it is unfathomable how they mustered courage to invite the media to announce the price hike.

It is also unknown whether the price hike would be binding on sex workers practicing outside Lusaka.