Lusaka Mother Inspects Married Son’s Private Parts

Lusaka Mother Inspects Married Son’s Private Parts

The Matero Local Court has heard how a Lusaka mother would inspect her married son’s private parts when he suffered a stroke to make sure he was not being intimate with his wife.

Olipa Sakala told the court how her husband’s relatives including his mother and aunties inspected his private parts each day and forbade her from cleaning him as he was paralyzed from the waist down.

Sakala, 28, of Chibolya Township told senior court magistrate Lewis Mumba that his relatives also ordered her not to wash his clothes and underwear or change his beddings.

“When he suffered a stroke, he was also discovered to have a sexually transmitted infection. My in-laws as a way of preventing me from being intimate with my husband, started bathing him and inspecting his manhood to make sure we are not having sexual relations when they are away.

It made me uncomfortable because their relative [my husband] is a married man, an adult with a wife to care for him. No mother should do that for her married son,” she said.

But Njovu her husband, a police officer of Emmasdale Township told the court that Sakala abandoned him when he suffered a stroke four months ago. Njovu also described Sakala as an irresponsible wife. The two who got married in 2011 have no children together. He told the court that the bride price was paid.

The court granted divorce and ordered Njovu to pay Sakala K4, 000 as compensation with an initial payment of K500 February month-end to be followed by monthly installments K300.