Lusaka Man Gets Electrocuted By Car

Lusaka Man Gets Electrocuted By Car.

A 21-YEAR-OLD man of Garden House in Lusaka has died after being electrocuted by his own vehicle while a welder was working on it, Police spokesperson Charity Chanda has confirmed the incident.

Mrs Chanda said Joseph Mukwamba was electrocuted yesterday at about 09:00 hours when he took his motor vehicle for welding at a market in Garden House.
She said Mukwamba met his fate while a welder was fixing the bumper of his Toyota Dyna, registration number ABG 4698.

“As the vehicle was being attended to, Mukwamba touched it and in the process got electrocuted,” she said in a statement.

Mrs Chanda said the deceased’s body is in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary and investigations into the matter have been instituted.

Many lives have been lost due to the increase of bush mechanics who do not have the slightest ideas of what safety precautions are to be taken in working environments.

“Most Jim and Jacks that know how to unscrew a nut have taken it upon themselves to open up business firms in Lusaka. Especially here in Garden, everyone wants to earn a quick buck. The other day, I asked the welder to produce his certificate that authorizes his operations because he has been causing havoc at this market. He illegally taps electricity from various sources and now look at what has just happened? A life has been lost. I urge the Council officials to thoroughly conduct inspections on these so called companies otherwise more lives will be lost,” complained a trader at the very same Market.