Lusaka Lawyer Kills Wife, Sons Pounce On Him

Lusaka Lawyer Kills Wife, Sons Pounce On Him.

A Lusaka Lawyer has gone against the law he practices when he shot his wife for reason unheard of.

Colonel Banda of Chamba Valley has sent tongues waging after an intense quarrel transpired between him and his wife leading him to use but no other means to resolve the dispute. Colonel Banda dashed for his firearm and didn’t hesitate to put her to rest by pulling the trigger.

And after his sons got familiar with the animalistic move, they opted to pounce on him and he was beaten severely.

According to family members mourning the loss of their beloved one, the incident took place on Tuesday night after 22:00 hours.

“We don’t even know what to say and how to explain it because we are shocked. Dad and Mom were in the bedroom and everyone was sleeping. We were sleeping when we heard gunshots in the bedroom and when we rushed there, we found mom lying in a pool of blood. We rushed her to the hospital and she died a few hours later,” Colonel Banda’s daughter sobbed.

Colonel Banda was first admitted at UTH’s Intensive Care Unit. He sustained head injuries and a swollen face.

“He is behaving as if he has gone crazy. He doesn’t know what happened to him and why he is in hospital. He is asking people on his bedside a lot of questions. We don’t know whether he is pretending to be a retarded fellow in order to avoid the law and conviction,” UTH personal said.

Colonel Banda is in handcuffs and his playing the role of the victim claiming he doesn’t know why he is in cuffs.