Luo tells taxi, bus drivers to ignore Lusaka Central, Munali nullifications

Luo tells taxi, bus drivers to ignore Lusaka Central, Munali nullifications.

PROFESSOR Nkandu Luo on Saturday night held an impromptu meeting with taxi and bus drivers in Bauleni compound where she told them to disregard the High Court’s nullification of the Munali and Lusaka Central parliamentary seats.

Ndola High Court judge Edward Musona, sitting in Lusaka, last week nullified Prof Luo’s election as Munali PF member of parliament on the ground of using government resources to campaign and violence of her cadres against the UPND.

And Lusaka High Court judge Mwiinde Siavwapa nullified Margaret Mwanakatwe’s Central seat after proving the use of government resources to campaign, corruption, bribery and violence.

The court further ruled that Mwanakatwe’s use of racial remarks on the petitioner, losing UPND candidate Charlotte Scott, were against the electoral laws.

The two ministers have since appealed the High Court decisions to the Constitutional Court.

But before the Constitutional Court could determine their appeals, the duo has already started campaigning for impending by-elections in the two constituencies.

Addressing taxi and bus drivers in Bauleni Compound on Saturday night, Prof Luo is heard, in a recording, saying what came out of the courts were lies and emphasised that Mwanakatwe, who was seemingly not part of the meeting, was still Lusaka Central member of parliament.

“It’s important twacita deliver the correct message. Namwishiba ama procedure yamu court yali; judge ali namphamvu yake yo kamba vamene afunokamba but imwe munalikuno ku Bauleni, munaona mwamene banali kuchitila campaign ba MP. Ija nkani banakamba ba judge mu court, ija ninkani yawo; nkani yabu MP ni ya bantu. Pamene muna vota, you spoke. Kuno, ba MP nibandani? Ni ba Mwanakatwe (you know how court procedures are; a judge has power to say whatever he wants to say but you were here in Bauleni and witnessed how your MP campaigned. That message from the judge in court, that is his own opinion, the issue of the MP is for the people. When you voted, you spoke. Here who is MP? It’s Mwanakatwe),” Prof Luo told the drivers, who shouted in jubilation. “Ngati simuli satisfied navamene akamba judge, nikucita appeal. Kuno tachita appeal, meaning ba MP, bonse bakamba vokamba kamba muzibauza ati kuno ba MP nibandani? Ni ba Mwanakatwe (if you are not satisfied by a court ruling, you appeal meaning all those who will be talking about who the MP is here, tell them it is Mwanakatwe).”

At this point a person is heard assuring Prof Luo that they would repeat their message when the time to vote comes.

The higher education minister then told the taxi and minibus drivers that there would be a lot of falsehoods by people and social media.

“The most important people mu campaign anywhere ma taxi and bus drivers. So paja…we rely on you to give the correct information kuti vija vinayenda kuja ku court niva boza. Bakuti kuli violence, pakuti munalikuno, munaionako violence (what was talked about in court were all lies. They said there was violence, you were here in Bauleni, did you see any violence?) So you need to start giving correct information ku bantu bali pa bus yanu na ma taxi,” Prof Luo told the drivers.

She said she and Mwanakatwe, who is commerce minister, would be working around the clock to support them deliver the correct message.

“So ife naba Mwanakatwe we will be working around the clock to make sure that twamichitani support so that you give the right information to them. We value your support as drivers,” said Prof Luo.

After the nullification of her seat last week, Prof Luo, who had been off social media since August 13 after she retained her seat, resurfaced on Saturday morning with a posting, “Morning Munali. Happy ssbbath [sic]” which, soon afterwards, attracted sharp reactions from her followers, most of whom wondered where she had been since her election when she last interacted with them.

Enock Simfukwe said: “Now you greet us everyday. You people what is wrong with you? Because you’re in trouble you have remembered us – the same old story!” while Patrick Muhunga commented, “The day of trouble even a bird fails to fly! Remember that in acute confusion, one can pick a sheet of paper to stone his enemy thinking he or she had picked up a stone.
People let us vote wisely!!”

Other Facebookers joined in to question Pro Luo’s absence, saying she had returned to Facebook to campaign since she was facing a by-election following the nullification of her seat.

Chyapeni Kazembe: “The time of reckoning has come madam. Politicians suffer from a rare kind of amnesia. You are all the same. You suddenly become too busy for us…once you are in those offices of yours, you are virtually unreachable…what nonsense!!!! I have come to realise that the only way one can become rich minus using JuJu is by joining politics and joining the dominating side. Lelo bami yola ba court benu. Napwisha.”

Sikaile Sikaile: “Youths are suffering in Munali imwe mudyela nansoni mulibe amai. The day of voting I will do a total fasting so that all people of Munali makes a rightful decision.”

Galvin Kazuba Mwale: “Mwankole! Nyandule! Where the hell have you been all this while? Crappy politician!”

Micheal Ngubufubu: “How many Sabbaths have passed from 13 august to now? And today is the first time u have realised you need to communicate with electorates. God is watching you madam.”

Prince Richard: “Ahhhhhaaaa!!!!!!! This page is alive, iiiikkkkkwena a politricks. Just hang yourself madam chameleon.”

She made another posting on Sunday morning about the work done in Munali, clearly signaling that she had started campaigning for the impending by-election: “Morning Munali. We have finished unblocking the drainage in Mtendere East. No more floods this rainy season.”
This time, some of her followers heaped unprintables on the higher education minister.
Musonda Kayula Mubanga: “Suddenly mwatampa ama daily updates after yo seat is nullified? Insoni ebuntu mayo wandi.”

Brian Mulenga: “Iwe weve ufunika che kuchokapo. Wadya maningi kuchokela mwa Chiluba namanje ukali kudya? Uli greedy iwe mbuya. Pumulako usungeko bazikulu.”

Mathews Silwamba: “Politicians lelo that’s when you think of updating people…stop taking people for granted, voted you go mute and by-elections you start updating.”

Samson Chibwe: “Why can’t you start by apologizing to the entire Munali why you went into hibernation after fraudulently winning the seat?”

Subcommandante Equalist: “A little too late! Those drainages were blocked since the last 2 rainy seasons but it seems you’ve only seen them now.”

Sepo M Nabaloba: “Just give room to others mama.”

Jeff Choombe: “Are you still our MP? It’s too late, we need others to try also. We are the least developed constituency.”

Brian Bob Youngbanks Mweemba: “I have never seen a stupid old muchembele like you…”

Clement Chinyamah: “We don’t need you. Just leave the stage for fresh blood. We ‘re tired of recycled politicians!!!”

Robert Daka: “Let us for once bring in someone who is very close to the people and stay within Munali. Why let people from Independence Avenue rule us? Are we that stupid as a people?”

Oliver Hamankwamu: “Mwaziba bantu manje ka?”