Lungu’s 50+1% Leaves Much To Be Desired

Lungu’s 50+1% Leaves Much To Be Desired.

Munali constituency has a total of 144,284 registered voters and Lusaka Central has 81,236 registered voters. The election of the parliamentary candidates in these two seats were nullified this week on grounds that included abuse of office and the restrictions placed on the ability of opposition to campaign freely.

While we wait to hear the outcome of the other petitions Open Zambia has been looking at the numbers. President Lungu was declared the winner of the 2016 election with a total of 1.86 million votes compared to Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND who took 1.76 million votes. They were separated by just 100,000 votes, and not only that but President Lungu only passed the critical 50+1% threshold by roughly 13,000 votes. Surely this can only mean one thing. If these nullifications are upheld then we really still don’t know what the real outcome was on 11 August 2016.
While these legal rulings are limited to the parliamentary ballots only, common sense suggest that given some of the grounds on which the rulings were made it is illogical to conclude that while the parliamentary ballot was compromised the presidential ballot in the very same polling station was completely free and fair.