Lungu Intends To Create Ministry Of Religion

Lungu Intends To Create Ministry Of Religion.

PRESIDENT- ELECT Edgar Lungu has said he will create a ministry to be responsible for religious affairs to promote Christian values and give more meaning to the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

Mr Lungu has also said politicians are to blame for the tribal divisions and violence that Zambia has witnessed lately.

The President said there is need to effectively translate and strengthen the status of Zambia as a Christian nation into a reality.

“ If we have a stand- alone ministry we can effectively translate our status as a Christian nation.

“ We will also be opening a window for the Church in Zambia through the creation of the ministry. This ministry is coming once we clear issues ( election petition) before the courts,” he said.

President- elect Lungu was speaking during the order of service for the reception service of United Church of Zambia ( UCZ) Synod bishop Sydney Sichilima at Saint Andrew’s congregation in Lusaka yesterday.
He said there is need for a ministry to oversee the values of Christianity being propagated in Zambia as a Christian nation.

“ Mr ( Amos) Chanda ( special assistant to the President for press and public relations), when we are done with everything we need to look into this. I do not know what we shall call it; whether it is ministry of religion, but once all this is done it is something we seriously need to look into,” President Lungu announced to jubilant congregants.

The President, who danced with congregants to the song ‘ Kutali Mwamfumya’ ( you have brought me from far), asked the church to continue praying for peace.

Mr Lungu also challenged Christians to become active in politics and help spread the message of love and unity in accordance with the scriptures.

“ Every citizen should seek the presence of God before we look to politics. If you have Christ in your heart you will not set ablaze your friend’s house. Only those fed with the demon can do such acts.

I still present the challenge that give us your sons and daughters from the Church and the country’s landscape will be saturated with the love of Christ,” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu has said vices such as tribalism and violence are being caused by politicians.

Mr Lungu asked the Church to intervene and help end the spate of violence witnessed in some parts of the country.

He said Government will work with the Church because the two institutions have a common agenda to uplift livelihoods.

Meanwhile, UCZ secretary general Peggy Kabonde said the church will not allow violence and tribalism to continue in the country in the wake of a largely peaceful democratic election.

Dr Reverend Kabonde, whose sermon was anchored on Mark 4: 35- 41, said leaders have God’s favour and should be supported.

She said it is unfortunate that some political party supporters mishandled the results of the elections and destroyed property in some parts of the country.

Dr Rev Kabonde commended President- elect Lungu for providing leadership by his continued calls for peace.