Lungu Instructs Police To Ban Political Meetings On Copperbelt

Lungu Instructs Police To Ban Political Meetings On Copperbelt

Police under instructions from the Head of State have been instructed to ban opposition from holding any political gatherings until December.

Whistle blowers from within the Zambia Police have disclosed that President Edgar Lungu has ordered police to stop issuing permits for any political gatherings on the Copperbelt until December when he will have made his second tour of the province.

And in recent development, police in Lusaka pulled down at least 87 Chitenge Materials, UPND party regalia, which were displayed on some sections of the Great east road.

Also related, armed police officers from Nkana East police station disrupted a training workshop for the opposition Rainbow Party at Copperbelt Vice-treasurer Ken Mwelwa’s house on Central Street in Nkana East.

As the party membership was gathering for the meeting, police officers in a Land Cruiser, registration number ZP 2314 B, arrived and ordered them to disperse before force was used on them.

Not so long ago, opposition leader FDD president Edith Nawakwi was picked up by police in Mulenga Compound on the Copperbelt where she was addressing party leaders. The police in full riot arrived who had earlier trailed the opposition leader later apprehended and took her to Wusakile Police station.

As an attempt to prevent opposition parties to freely meet and express their freedom of speech, President Lungu has sunken so low that he is depriving Zambians of their Freedom of Speech.