Lungu At War With Ugandans

Lungu At War With Ugandans

TAKE your idiocy back to Zambia you stupid drunkard, Ugandan citizens told President Edgar Lungu when he told the opposition in that country to concede defeat to Yoweri Museveni.
Shortly after arriving at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda where he went to witness the inauguration of President Museveni’s fifth consecutive term of office, President Lungu told the media that the opposition parties that lost controversial elections in February must accept the will of the majority of Ugandans and move on.President Museveni, who was sworn into office yesterday, has been in power since 1986.

“The people’s will should always be reflected in an election and people should learn to accept results. That is the most important thing. That is the message I have for Africa, the Ugandans and Zambians. Let us accept the will of the people. There can only be one winner. After you win, you perform. So you allow your friend who has won to perform. When another election comes, you will have a go at it,” President Lungu told ZNBC’s Lackson Nthani.
“And political parties need to change leaders also. We cannot have one political leader. He keeps on losing and losing and losing. If your party has got a president and he keeps losing, substitute him for somebody who can win; that is the message. I know political parties back home who think there can only be one political leader to win the race for them.”
And Uganda’s Daily Monitor quoted President Lungu saying: “Let the opposition parties accept the will of the people and accept the win of President Museveni because he went through elections and won. If you have a football club, you can’t use only one striker who doesn’t score. My advice to them [opposition] is to accept the win and also change the striker because he has failed to score for all these years he has been on the football ground.”
But President Lungu’s statement sparked outright rage among citizens in Uganda as thousands of people, mostly supporters of opposition leader Kizza Besigye, turned to social media to smear the Head of State with insults.
Commenting on the Daily Monitor story, Godfrey Wanzusi wrote, “Mr Lungu, enjoy your holiday but remember that we the taxpayers are the ones footing the bills during your stay in Uganda  and stop uttering your ignorance – leave Ugandan politics for Ugandans. In which football competition have you seen your opponents taking the role of player, referees and linemen? Did you know, before I forget, that our intern doctors across the country have not been paid their wages for the last five months and the only cancer machine in the 30 years of your dictator friend’s rule in the entire country is broken?”
Hellen Amanyire wrote, “Take your idiocy back to Zambia”, while Samson Griffin posted, “Tell that man he is a very stupid drunkard.”

Below are the rest of the reactions to President Lungu’s statement in Uganda.

Onyokor Gregory: “I think the Zambian President #Lungu should be taken to Butabika Hospital for medical check-up… Lungu you would be better served if you stuck to drinking your enguli. You come to wine and dine with Mcheveni at the expense of poor Ugandan taxpayers and then you tell us what to do – No No No!!!”
Martin Trust Dolindo: “He should know that this is Uganda not Zambia, he should take his big mouth back to his country because he doesn’t know what he has come to witness.”
Obasanjo Lutwama Martin: “Such a donkey which has come to be grazed in Uganda.”
Sameul Muhima: “I am told that President has started witchcraft worship in Zambia, he got that tip from his Ugandan counterpart, how dare he comes to this nation and open his filthy mouth.”
Joel Kawanguzi: “I think the President of Zambia is very stupid; he should learn to leave issues of Ugandans to Ugandans.”
Bogere Charton: “This pig doesn’t know that in Uganda, the minority oppress the majority.”
Apedel Simon: “Mr Lungu, the majority of Ugandans want change at all costs and you say that they should swallow the results like that? For your information, the majority of Ugandans are bleeding deep down in their hearts but some can’t openly express themselves about this issue. It’s only the few beneficiaries that will welcome your suggestion from Zambia/Lusaka.”
Nusaiba Lubowa: “Mbu Chagwa! If he has come for food let him eat and go…even though he doesn’t puke they’ll give him a cake and soda.”
Ethum Moses Tyson: “Excuse him, he thinks Uganda has mature politics whereby genuine elections were conducted.”
Umusani: “Mr Lungu, you have no idea what it means to be cheated 3 times – especially when you have been restrained by the state-orchestrated tough controls… military, rogue police outfits, tear gas, pepper spray and being bundled onto pickups like common criminals who have no dignity.”

Source: The Post