Lungu a shameless dictator – Matambo

Lungu a shameless dictator – Matambo

By Thulani Phiri

EDGAR Lungu is a shameless dictator who will do anything to kill citizens who hold a critical view on his failed leadership, says Copperbelt UPND chairperson Elisha Matambo .

And Matambo has disclosed that 61 UPND members on the Copperbelt are in prisons while others are appearing in courts.

In an interview, Matambo said President Lungu should be ashamed for sending the police to harass innocent citizens like Dr Fred M’membe and his family.

“Edgar Lungu is a shameless dictator who will do anything to kill. We the citizens will not keep quiet and watch him kill even the democracy of this country. It is time we rose up and defended the democracy of this country. Enough is enough of this nonsense,” Matambo said.

“This is nonsense. Today, it is Fred M’membe he is abusing and fighting, tomorrow it will be another person who is critical of his failed leadership. Lungu is just testing the waters. That is how dictators behave! He wants to silence M’membe and the private media before he turns to the Zambian people. Zambians, don’t allow this to happen to our country.”

He said the harassment of Dr M’membe’s wife Mutinta by the police at her house was a clear violation of the rights of women.
Matambo said Zambians needed to defend what was good for the country.

“We have never seen in the history of this country where a President can send police to harass a woman! Lungu please have some shame. Where is even Esther Lungu to advise her husband that women should be respected? Today, it is M’membe’s family, tomorrow it will be others,” Matambo said.

“We need to fight this injustice that the PF is bringing to our people. Let us stand and defend democracy in this country. We on the Copperbelt have revived the fighting spirit to save our nation.”
He also castigated the Church for remaining silent over the injustices on the Zambian people.

“ Where is the Church to allow dictatorship to go on? Where is the Church to allow women to be beaten and undressed by Lungu’s police? The Church need to speak out on these injustices,” Matambo said.

He further said UPND members had remained in prison while others we re before courts on ‘fake’ charges.

“ Here on the Copperbelt, we have 61 of our members going to court on fake charges. PF is so cruel to the Zambian people. Eight are still in Kamfinsa prison; 12 going to court in Kalulushi, 21 going to court in Chililabombwe, four in Kitwe, 14 in Luanshya, two in Lufwanyama. The PF has decided to persecute citizens. HH is in court! GBM, Masebo, Nevers Mumba, Mwaliteta, almost the entire country of people with divergent views are in court. What sort of a country is Lungu trying to create?” asked Matambo who further said what the Zambian people were facing today was similar to what the children of Israel went through at the hands of Pharaoh.