Lungu 2021’ calls will destabilise PF – Mwamba

Lungu 2021’ calls will destabilise PF – Mwamba

By Abawelo Zulu

FORMER Eastern Province PF chairperson Atany Mwamba says calls for President Edgar Lungu to stand in 2021 have the potential to destabilise the party if not properly handled.

And Mwamba says the PF should learn to respect divergent views of its members.

In a statement, Mwamba stated that 2021 general elections would be serious for PF.

“As a concerned member of the PF, I have decided to air my position and contribution to this serious subject that has potential to destabilise the party if not handled properly. However, much as this issue seems to be coming up at a wrong time, barely four months following the August General Elections, it is important that this issue is not ignored but handled decisively by our national leadership now, in order to pave way for urgent national development issues,” Mwamba stated.

He stated that the PF should field a strong, experienced and mature candidate who would command support from both within and outside the ruling party in order to win the 2021 elections.

“In my opinion, that candidate must be no other than President Edgar Lungu. I, therefore, concur with those voices within the PF that are calling for him to be our party presidential candidate for 2021,” Mwamba stated.

He stated that by 2021, most of the PF government projects would have started bearing fruits.

“What is equally important at the moment is to give the President the right support especially from within the party and from the top leadership. At the moment, I don’t think this is being done as there seems to be too much infighting within the party. We need to give the President time to start focusing on developing the country and focusing on pressing national matters,” Mwamba stated.

He stated that currently, the ruling party had serious challenges from the opposition, especially UPND.

And Mwamba stated that the PF belonged to all the party members.

“Finally, let me end by saying that the PF belongs to us all and therefore, our focus should be on ensuring that the PF continues to grow and ultimately achieve the much needed socio-economic development of our country. As a party, we need to learn to respect divergent views from party members and handle such views amicably and respect our party constitution but above all, we must be united for us to continue being in power beyond 2021. As the saying goes, united we stand and divided we fall,” stated Mwamba.