Load-Shedding To Be Intensified To Avoid Total Shutdown

Load-Shedding To Be Intensified To Avoid Total Shutdown.

The current severe load shedding is a result of Zesco’s decision to ignore an earlier directive from Zambezi River Authority to reduce generation, according to a report published by the Engineering Institution of Zambia.

And the report says further reduction in generation is a must to avoid total shutdown at Kariba North Bank Power Station and urged Zesco Limited to heed directives from Zambezi River Authority. Meanwhile, the EIZ says Zambia risks having less rainfall in the coming rainy season because “there is greater than 90 per cent chance that El Nino will continue through the northern hemisphere”.

The report was issued in September after a team of technical expert from the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) – engineers Isreal Phiri, John Muleya, Professor Prem Jain, Clement Mukosa and Alec Malichi – carried out a research on the current load shedding.

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