Livingstone To Get Afro-Equipment Plant

Livingstone To Get Afro-Equipment Plant.

Government wants to mechanise agriculture sector NANCY MWAPE Livingstone G OVERNMENT plans to set up an assembly plant for agricultural equipment in Livingstone to mechanise Zambia’s agriculture sector.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda said Government has set aside funds for industrialisation and mechanisation of the agriculture sector in the 2017 budget.

Speaking during the postbudget discussion held in Livingstone, Mr Lubinda said the setting up of the assembly plant in Livingstone will help boost tourist arrivals in the tourist capital.

“ Tourism is not necessarily the Victoria Falls or wildlife but it takes different facets that include industries.

People travel to Canada not necessarily to see the falls but also the manufacturing sector,” he said.

Mr Lubinda said there is need to create compelling reasons for people to fly into Livingstone by growing the tourism industry.

“ Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone was established for a good reason. What is required now is to boost arrivals by growing the tourism industry in Livingstone,” he said.

Mr Lubinda said growth in the tourism industry will also result in increased international flights going to Livingstone.

He further appealed to the private sector in Livingstone to engage Government on tourism matters to develop informed policy positions.

On the relocation the administrative capital of the province from Livingstone to Choma, Mr Lubinda said the decision was arrived at after consideration and establishing that Choma is more central and that it was costly to administer the province from Livingstone.

“ Our desire is that the vacuum created by shifting those administrators will now create space for people to primarily run tourism. The structures left in Livingstone, if they are unoccupied, the private sector should move in,” he said.

And responding to calls from the audience that Livingstone be declared a tax- free zone, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe said Government requires time to think clearly about the matter.

Mrs Mwanakatwe said every business house will become eligible to the incentives that go with tax- free zones if the city is declared tax- free in its current form.