Limulunga Woman Resurrects After Being Dead For 18 Years

Limulunga Woman Resurrects After Being Dead For 18 Years.

A 42 year old woman, believed to have died in 1998, has ‘resurrected’ in Limulunga District of Western Province.

Inonge Lebani who had died in Liyayelo Village in 1998 however came back to life, last Thursday to the happiness of her relatives and fellow villagers after many years of her demise.

ZANIS reports that Western Province Police Commissioner Charles Lungu confirmed the development in Mongu today in an interview saying that Inonge has even been identified by her biological sister Monica Lebani aged 52.

Mr. Lungu says Monica is in the state of a shock after seeing her sister Inonge whom she said had died and buried 18 years ago.

Police are still carrying out investigation on the matter in order to establish the truth about the “resurrection” of the woman in the area.

Recently , a Senanga man was reportedly resurrected but Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests carried out came on him turned out negative with the deceased man similar to him.

Watch the video below.