Letter To The Zambian President

Letter To The Zambian President.

Dear Mr. President,

I wish to make it clear that I am not a sponsored cadre or in anyway affiliated to any political party. I am an independent writer on Zed Corner; neither do I have any intentions of being a political candidate. My only concern is that of my brothers and sisters across the nation. My brothers and sisters don’t have a voice; their pleas fall on death ears. The holy bible tells me to be my brother’s keeper and that is my only desire.

With due respect Mr. President while you are dining and auctioning your personal belongings to the highest bidder, my brothers and sisters are losing hope. Mr. President, we know that you are doing all this to raise funds towards the mobilizing and strengthening of ‘your political party’. You see Mr. President that is where the problem is; let me highlight the phrase ‘Your Political Party’.

Mr. President I am disappointed in your actions not because you raised money for ‘your political party’ but because you failed to raise money for ‘our country’ with the same spirit. Let me highlight the phrase ‘our country’. It is saddening for an upright thinking man to realize how ‘creative’ you can be when it comes to raising money for ‘your political party’. When it comes to ‘your political party’ you always have a solution and you even go to the extent of sacrificing ‘your’ personal belongings all in the name of mobilizing and strengthening of ‘your political party’.

Mr. President I wish you had the same spirit when it comes to the nation and its welfare. You take care of ‘your political party’ with love and compassion and you do everything you can to save it and make sure all is going well with it. Unfortunately Mr. President the Zambian people did not elect you to only keep ‘your political party’ alive. The Zambian people put their trust in you so that you can treat the nation with love and compassion just like you do with ‘your political party’.

The other thing Mr. President that sends me into great sorrow is that when ‘You’ gave authorization to borrow money and further indebt Zambia you never even tried to raise money for the nation. Where did you leave ‘Your’ fundraising skills? Where was your ‘Boss designer Panama hat’ and ‘scarlet ceremonial tie’? Mr. President you didn’t even try to raise funds. That’s the most disappointing fact of this whole predicament.

Mr. President I would have loved it if you treated Zambia’s affairs like you treat ‘your political party’s affairs’. I do not wish to include the implications caused by ‘your’ authorization of borrowing money in this letter; I will save that for later.

Yours Sincerely,

Brother’s Keeper.