Lack of roads robs rural people peace – CODEP

Lack of roads robs rural people peace – CODEP

By Zindikilani Banda

COMMUNITY Orientation for Development Program (CODEP) executive director Joseph Sakala says there is nothing that robs the peace of people in rural areas than lacking good roads and strong bridges.

Sakala, in an interview, said development eluded many areas that lacked good roads and bridges.

“It’s terrible when bridges are not there, it’s terrible when roads are in a bad state because people can’t buy or sell anything in towns, they can’t have access to farming inputs as it keeps motorists away for fear of being stuck. And to hear this kind of initiative by the President [Edgar Lungu] through Road Development Agency (RDA) to work on certain roads and bridges, it’s a plus to our communities. You know without roads, without bridges, life is so difficult,” Sakala said.

He Mwanza said the rehabilitation of the roads and bridges would improve his organisation’s coverage area, which was hindered due to the bad state of infrastructure.

“We are so happy as an organisation because truly, it was hard to reach certain communities where there are no bridges and roads are bad,” said Sakala.

Last Wednesday, Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda revealed that government had released K3 million for the rehabilitation of collapsed bridges and damaged roads.