Kitwe Woman Wakes Up In Chamboli Graveyard After Christmas Eve Party

Kitwe Woman Wakes Up In Chamboli Graveyard After Christmas Eve Party

A woman woke up half naked in the middle of Chamboli Cemetery in Kitwe on Christmas day. Shocking, as it may seem, the woman has been identified as Marjory Chibwe of parklands.Prior to the incident Marjory only recalls celebrating with friends at an acquaintance’s house in Riverside on Christmas eve.

Ms Chibwe was found by a passer by who used the cemetery as a shorter route to go to work.

“Ine nachilaya kunchito na eagle yandi olo namona chikashana na lala pa manda na danganana [I was on my way riding my bicycle when I noticed this young woman laying on a tombstone with her legs busted wide open].

I was scared at first because it was early in the morning and such things rarely happen but out of curiosity I gathered my strength and got closer only to notice that she was still breathing so I woke her up.

After she woke up and realized she was in a graveyard she started screaming for help but I assured her I meant no harm. I gave her my jacket and put her on my bicycle and I took her to Wusakile Police station,” narrated Kafula.

After intensive interrogation Marjory said that she only recalled starting Christmas Eve drinking with her three girlfriends who later went wild and ended up at a stranger’s house in Riverside extension.

“I just remember having fun with my three girlfriends and later on getting into a black range rover. I also remember taking shots of Vodka and tequila at some mansion. I obviously passed out after some time,” confused Marjory explained.

Inspector Chibute said Marjory was slowly recovering from the trauma and further said that African traditional marks [inembo] where found on Marjory’s upper thighs.

However, Marjory has been instructed to go to Kitwe Central Hospital to get a medical report.

Marjory’s family has been also informed and currently her friends have been reported missing..