Kitwe Woman Justifies Cheating On Hubby

Kitwe Woman Justifies Cheating On Hubby

A THIRTY-EIGHT year old woman of Kamatipa Township in Kitwe stunned the Garneton Local Court when she justified her decision to be impregnated by her boyfriend to hit back at her husband of 18 years for marrying another woman in Mumbwa where he had gone for business.

This is in a case in which Peter Lombe, 42, sued his wife Theresa Lombe for divorce on grounds that his wife had committed adultery and got pregnant.

Theresa told Garneton Local Court magistrate Frederick Ndhlovu that her marriage to Peter ended a long time ago because he was irresponsible.

The Lombe’s got married in 1998 and have five children between them.

Theresa narrated that she was fed up with her husband’s infidelity and his failure to provide for the home.

She narrated that she raised all their five children because each time she fell pregnant, her husband moved out of the house and only returned when the baby grew.

“ Each time I fell pregnant, he would move out of the house and I just used to hear that he is in Solwezi, or Sakanya or another area. I would buy napkins for the baby, nurse them until they start crawling or walking and that is when he would show up again,” she narrated.

Thresa said her husband treated her like the head of the house because he left all responsibilites such as buying food, paying for the children at school and buying clothes, to her.

She testified that her husband always stopped talking to her if she did not provide things for the home.

“ So I thought that it is just better we go our separate ways because there is nothing I am doing in this marriage.

In fact, I decided to find someone who could marry me as well because when he [ the husband] went to Mumbwa, he also married another woman and even had a child with her,” she said.

But Lombe said problems in their marriage started in 2012 when his wife suddenly started refusing to sleep with him.

He testified that she later moved out of their matrimonial home and started sleeping in a market stand and that despite making several pleas for her to resume her marital duties, she was adamant.

Lombe said he endured the pain of knowing that his wife had a boyfriend and that his children used to tell him about it whenever he returned home from business.

He testified that after returning from business recently, he found his wife pregnant when the couple had not been sleeping together since 2013.

Magistrate Ndhlovu admonished the two for being a bad example to their children and dissolved the marriage.