Kitwe Wife Introduces Sugar Daddy As Father To Husband

Kitwe Wife Introduces Sugar Daddy As Father To Husband.

AFTER 12-years of marriage, a 38 -year-old man of Kitwe has pleaded with the Garneton Local Court not to reconcile him with his wife as she allegedly introduced her sugar daddy as her father.

Jeff Kalengo pleaded with senior local court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu not to reconcile the couple on grounds that his wife also hires men to beat him up and that she is unfaithful.

Appearing before senior local court magistrate Ndhlovu was Lydia Mwape, 33, who sued Kalengo for reconciliation. The couple got married in 2002 and have 3 children. Kalengo said when the two met; she informed him that her parents were in the village and that he met her aunt who consented to them marrying.

“But things got awkward later on in their marriage when the alleged ‘Daddy’ of my wife would visit our marital home. I kept on noticing how my wife and this man would act. I caught her ‘Daddy’ smacking my wife’s buttocks in a sexual way and it would puzzle me. When I confronted my wife about this strange behavior she would tell me that that’s how her Dad acts and its normal.

One day as I came back from work, I caught my wife and the man in bed red handed. I later realized that the man was in fact her sugar daddy,” explained Mr. Kalengo.