Kitwe Teen With Enormous Manhood Sues Parents

Kitwe Teen With Enormous Manhood Sues Parents

A Kitwe Teen has complained in the Buchi local court that his enormous manhood which measures 45 cm [17.71 inches] when flaccid is a curse, which his parents are fully responsible for because they conceived him.

Beeton Fundanga said his penis has brought him more sadness and sorrow because he is consistently traumatized by how big it is and he can’t do normal things like put on shorts, ride bicycles etc.

19 year old Beeton Fundanga was narrating before senior magistrate Elizabeth Sakala in a case which he sued his biological parents and further demanded to be compensated K10 000 for the trauma he has and is experiencing.

“I cant act like a normal 19 year old. I couldn’t even finish one school term when I was in grade 10 at a boarding school because all my peers used to make fun of me for being big.

I am even afraid I will never be married because no woman will want to have sex with me. I once showed my girlfriend my penis and after that time she has never spoken to me.

I usually buy extra large trousers in order to hide the bulge between my legs which if not properly hidden brings about unnecessary attention,” sobbed Fundanga.

But Beeton’s parents told the court that they were aware of how much pain their son went through and they claimed they absolutely had no power over the matter, as it was all the work of God.

“My son has always had this issue. I remember when he was 10 years old he had a bigger penis than I did.

I wish there was a way I could alter this calamity but my hands are tied and its out of my control,” Beeton’s father told the court in his Defence.

The court’s ruling has further been adjourned to 26 January 2016.