Kitwe Pupil Hearing Phone Ringing In Her Private Parts Goes Mad

Kitwe Pupil Hearing Phone Ringing In Her Private Parts Goes Mad

A Helen Kaunda Girls Secondary School grade 11 pupil is reported to have lost her sanity after a man  gave her a brand new iPhone 6 mobile phone.

The 17-year-old girl has been identified as Izukanji Mwale of Nkana East.

Izukanji allegedly got in a car of an unidentified man of Nigerian origin who drives a bright orange BMW X6 car with  “Baba 1″ written on the number plate.

It has been revealed that the man gave Izukanji a lift on her way to town when she went to buy groceries in Shoprite.

Before Izukanji lost her sanity she explained to her mother that during the ride to town, the man expressed keen interest in her but she said she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. But the man begged her and she finally told  him that she can only chart with him on phone. He then asked for her mobile phone number but she told him that she doesn’t have a phone. Then he gave her, his own personal brand new iphone 6 and said he will be contacting her using the very same phone.

When Izukanji came back home, she narrated the event to her mother who later got furious with her and confiscated the phone only to break it right in front of her.

Exactly at midnight on Monday she started having tingly feelings in her vagina like that of a vibrating phone. When she paid close attention she realized that she was hearing a phone ringing and vibrating between her legs. Confused Izukanji called her mom and asked her to place her ears near to her private parts and sadly the mom could hear it too.

On Tuesday morning Izunkanji’s Mother summoned a well-known man of God but nothing of substance has happened to stop the incident.

Izunjanji’s mother on a phone call with Zed Corner further narrated that each day that passes by Izukanji keeps behaving more like a mad person.

“Umwana wandi napena [My child has gone crazy]. She striped naked and started running in the streets naked screaming iPhone, iPhone! Ala I am speechless Mwebantu please! We are pleading for help, all Men of God please help us deliver our daughter from this evil,” she sobbed.

Kitwe police has since been notified and a search for a bright orange BMW X6 car with number plate Baba 1 is underway and anyone with information pertaining to this cause will highly be rewarded.

Meanwhile Izukanji has been placed under mental care.