Kitwe PF Cadres Beat UPND Supporters

Kitwe PF Cadres Beat UPND Supporters.

PF keen cardres armed with stones and machetes yesterday pounced on UPND supporters at their provincial secretariat in Kitwe where Hakainde Hichelema was scheduled to have a meeting with the party’s district leadership.

About 15 UPND supporters sustained serious injuries when they clashed with the PF cadres, who were ferried in six tipper trucks laden with stones and other assault incentives.

The PF Cadres mixed with jerabos raided the UPND Secretariat in Kitwe’s Cha Cha Cha township around 10:00 hours while others forced themselves inside the secretariat and started beating people as the opposition supporters tried to fight back.

Windows were smashed and many other valuable items damaged.

Meanwhile, PF Kitwe District this morning released a press statement concerning the reports over the physical confrontation at the UPND office in Kitwe.

“The PF in Kitwe district would like to place on record its position on the reported violence that occurred at the UPND office in kitwe yesterday 18.11.15.

We deny sanctioning any participation of our members in Kitwe in the reported incident which led to some youths getting injured and been admitted to hospital.

The PF does not believe in politics of intimidation. We believe in listening to divergent views and therefore promote responsible freedom of expression by either individuals or members of opposition political parties in Zambia.

Whoever participated in the reported violent incident did not represent the PF and we therefore condemn any act of violence by both the youths masquerading as PF members and those from the UPND.

Our preliminary investigations indicate that youths from both the unidentified group and the UPND youths were armed with stones and we urge the police in Kitwe to thoroughly establish more facts as to why Kitwe should become a battlefield for the youths.

The PF believes that young people must be productive, go oriented and well utilized in sectors of the economy that will propel Zambia to greatness. The activities of yesterday fall short of even the basic minimum standards we expect from the current crop of youths. It is extremely regrettable that violence occurred.

All well-meaning Zambians regardless of political party affiliations must condemn both the unidentified youths and the armed UPND cadres who clashed yesterday. Violence should have no place in the current and future political arena of mother Zambia.

On behalf of the PF,

Christopher Kang’ombe

PF Clash with UPND Kitwe
PF Clash with UPND Kitwe
PF Clash with UPND Kitwe
PF Cadres Beat Clash UPND Supporters in Kitwe

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