Kitwe Pastor “Turns” Into A Snake Story Is A Fabrication

Kitwe Pastor “Turns” Into A Snake Story Is A Fabrication

An angry group of Kitwe residents yesterday ran amok, setting a church building for Faith Deeper Understanding Church and Ministries on fire after news spread that its pastor had turned into a snake.

The pastor at the center of controversy, Apostle Anthony Musuku, commands a big following with the population of his congregation which is situated in Buchi-Kamitondo believed to be well over 1, 000 people and is known to posses healing powers.

But a mob of the unruly Kitwe residents yesterday in the morning around 10:00 hours stormed the church building with the view to lynching the pastor who they said had turned into a snake.

The residents placed stones and burning logs on the main road blocking flow of traffic from Buchi-Kamitondo to their areas.

Police reinforcement from stations around the district was called in to help quell the riots, which had since escalated covering the whole Kamitondo even extending to the nearby Bulangililo Township.
Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Joyce Kasosa who confirmed the razing and burning of the church building structure dismissed the basis of the residents’ action as mere fabrication.

Ms. Kasosa said the residents acted out of superstition and condemned their action.

She said the Police managed to apprehend three people in connection with the fracas and were charged with riotous behavior.

Some elders from the church said that the story of their pastor turning into a snake was fabricated by people who were jealous of the success made by the congregation.

Elder Samule Mvula who was flanked by pastor Judix Nkandu said the people behind the fabrication of the story hired a mob, which went and burnt the church building.

“The story of pastor Apostle Musuku having turned into a snake is fabrication because the pastor in the first place was not even at church when his mob came to cause havoc,” Mr Mvula said.