Kitwe Girl Narrates Weird Valentine’s Day Experience

Kitwe Girl Narrates Weird Valentine’s Day Experience.

A Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) female student has narrated to Zed Corner over what transpired yesterday [Valentine’s Day] at her lover’s house.

Ba Zed Corner, I have been dating this rich Senegalese Gemstone dealer and so far we have been getting along perfectly.

We met last month at a friend’s birthday party and he asked me out. We have been on a couple dates but it was just those regular ones, no intimacy was involved.

But during the start of February, he was hinting on presenting me a very expensive gift on Valentine’s Day if only I could do something for him.

I was so anxious and excited when Valentine’s Day was finally here and yesterday I dashed to his Mansion to spend quality time with him.

He was charming as usual and he asked me if I was ready to receive my gift.

“I have been promising you for the past weeks that this Valentine’s Day will be the best Valentine’s Day you will ever experience,” he whispered in my ears as he blindfolded me.

He took me to his garage and in it was a brand new KIA Cerato. He handed me the keys wrapped in a red box.

“This is yours. You deserve it. You can drive it out of this place if you know how to drive,” he told me.

At that moment I knew I had to thank him somehow and during our dinner, I started flirting with him, gesturing sex just as a way of saying thank you. But what surprised me was what followed.

We went to his room and he told me that I didn’t have to have sex with him because he bought me a car. I sat there confused because no man has been this generous to me. So I asked him what I could do as a token of appreciation.

“I usually don’t give anybody presents but you are special to me. I also don’t have sex with people anyhow. However, I have a strange fetish. I want you to have sex. But not with me,” he pleaded.

I was confused. I was lost at this moment. I had no idea where the conversation was going. But I let him finish.

“You and I don’t need to have sex for me to be sexually turned on. I have a proposal for you. I want you to have sex with my Pit-bull, my dog. I know it’s unethical but that’s my only wish. Seeing you have sex with my dog will sexually arouse me a lot and I will be fully satisfied. That’s my only wish. I know its weird but that’s my fetish. I never have sex with any of my girlfriends but my dog does. To me, watching my dog have sex with you is just as good as me having sex with you. My dog is very healthy, as a matter of fact here are the medical reports from SPA. My dog is healthy so don’t worry about anything,” he said.

I refused to do what he asked. I ran out of the house because my moral standards are not that low.

I later found out that the Senegalese guy sells Animal Porn to Europeans. He lures unsuspecting girls into having sex with animals then he profits from the sales.