Kitwe City Has Highest Rate Of Unprotected Sex

Kitwe City Has Highest Rate Of Unprotected Sex.

Kitwe is the leading City in Zambia with the rate of the highest number of unprotected sex in Zambia. There is too much unprotected sex in Kitwe and that is why the rate of HIV infections have remained high, says district AIDS coordination advisor Regina Katongo.

Speaking during the Kitwe District Task Force meeting ahead of the World AIDS Day on December 1, Katongo said the fight against HIV/AIDS must be taken seriously. She said civic leaders should take up challenges and start educating people about the dangers of HIV.

Regina Katongo also said the advertisements of penis enlargement stuck everywhere by traditional doctors were also a contributing factor in influencing residents to have sex because if people take these enlargements then there libido is high, then what do they do? People just end up having unprotected sex in any form with anybody.