KILL US ALL …. M’membe, Nchito’s fight is for all Zambians – Mulongoti

KILL US ALL …. M’membe, Nchito’s fight is for all Zambians – Mulongoti

By Lulumbi Nakazwe

MIKE Mulongoti says President Edgar and the state agents he is using will have to kill all Zambians because the fight he has waged is against them and not Fred M’membe or his lawyer state counsel Nchima Nchito.

Mulongoti, the People’s Party president and former minister in the MMD government, said DR M’membe and Nchito should not give up the fight for what is right.

The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court last week, at the instruction of State House agents, issued arrest warrants for Dr M’membe and Nchito for alleged personation.

Dr M’membe, the Post Newspapers Limited proprietor, is being accused of personating an employee of The Post in his action against the liquidation of the newspaper which he founded over 25 years ago while Nchito is being harassed for acting as the former’s lawyer in the matter.

“I want to encourage Fred and state counsel Nchito not to give up. The fight that Lungu has started is for Zambians. I also want to send a message to Mrs M’membe: remain steadfast. It is your country. Your father made a participation in growing of this economy and as a political leader. Your mother is a member of parliament. Let us stand firm and defend her rights and her newspaper [The Mast] because she has every right to do that. She should not be intimidated by anybody. Whatever they want to do, if they want to kill all of us, let them go ahead, but time will tell. The world has changed,” Mulongoti warned.

Post Newspapers provisional liquidator Lewis Mosho on Wednesday sent state police to raid Dr M’membe’s house where they harassed the family, arrested his wife and a few days later took away a speed boat.

They also dismantled the small printing press they found at the premises which had been printing The Mast, but only managed to get away with small components.

But Mulongoti said it was wrong for President Lungu and his team to treat Dr M’membe like a prisoner.

“Fred has worked for over 20 years to make that business what it is. There are people who want to destroy it just like that. The so-called liquidators, they are going to be paid from the money that Fred sweated for and it’s extremely immoral that they can persecute the wife and everybody else in the name of liquidating the company. To owe money is not a crime, it’s a commercial transaction. You can see that there is an invisible hand at work because you cannot send police to go and arrest a person in that manner,” Mulongoti said.

“What is happening is that they are making an allegation against him…for now he is still an innocent citizen as per the law. The fact that you are being invited to the police to go or you are going to appear in thhe court of law does not make you a prisoner. Now, what they did to those people who were at the house when they went there is false imprisonment. The workers and whoever was being harassed that way, that is false imprisonment and they will have to sue because their rights were infringed upon. The right to move is enshrined in the Constitution. So those who think that they have more rights than others will wake up one day to discover that they are the ones who make it difficult for this government.”

He said the PF government was afraid of what The Post which they closed and The Mast newspaper were exposing.

“They are not persecuting Fred for another reason other than the fact that he has been exposing criminality, corruption and theft in the country. So, because of that, the law of karma will visit them one day. They are not alpha and omega. They are just like all of us. The fact that they have a privilege to occupy those offices doesn’t mean that they are special. We were there before. There were others before us and others will be there after them. I want to send this message to them that they cripple the economy because of the corruption, you invest money in South Africa, in Dubai, even as far as New Guinea. We are aware of all these things,” Mulongoti said.

“Inasmuch as they may think they are clever, they are not very clever. After all, in the world today, there is no transaction of money without passing through Citibank New York. So our friends the Americans have got details of who has got the money moving from where to where. So at an appropriate time, we shall get to avail these details and I am sure there are people they use in Zambia to facilitate the movement of these monies. That is why every bank has got a financial intelligence unit and a money-laundering unit. They know who is doing what and they can avail such details at any time. There are no secrets in this world.”

He said the Head of State was busy persecuting people like Dr M’membe while protecting corrupt friends in government.

He said President Lungu had offered himself to public service as a President for Zambians but that he seemed to have made a decision to be an enemy of the same people he gave himself to as their leader.

“He just enjoys travelling around outside Zambia, spending money at a time when the hospitals have no medicine; people have no water and challenges of food because the government cannot give them fertiliser to do farming. What kind of a leader is he? I always doubted his loyalty to this country,” said Mulongoti.

“Look at what they are doing! The people who are trying to take food to Congo are being persecuted, arrested and harassed. The people who are taking food to Malawi…they say ‘It’s export’. Now you can see there is an article in the paper that the Congolese government are now beginning to apply sanctions against Zambians. This is what we feared in the first place. Does it take a genius to understand those simple logics that look if you disadvantage a neighbour, the neighbour will fight back? Mr Lungu and his fellow leaders don’t seem to care. As long as the food is going to Malawi, it is alright. The food that goes to Congo, it’s smuggling and you send police, national service to stop it.”