Kalu Endorses Lungu

Kalu Endorses Lungu

FORMER Football Association of Zambia ( FAZ) president Kalusha Bwalya has endorsed President Lungu’s candidature in next month’s general elections.

Mr Bwalya, who is 1988 Footballer of the Year, said there is no need to change a winning team.

In a statement, Mr Bwalya, who is also known as “ The Great Kalu’’, has since appealed to Zambians to support President Lungu by turning up in huge numbers to vote for him.

“ In soccer we say you do not change the winning team, President Edgar Lungu has shown true leadership qualities, his humility for instance is too humbling and it makes him approachable to many Zambians… that is what we need in a leader,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said as a soccer administrator, he has never worked with a better President than President Lungu.

He said President Lungu is special in the way he treats and continues to treat the national team and is their greatest confidence booster.

Mr Bwalya said he has always wanted to stay away from politics completely but his personal knowledge of President Lungu has made it extremely easy for him to publicly state his support for the President.

“ I support him and I beseech all rightthinking Zambians to back him fully because he is a tested leader, a humble leader and a tenacious President who means good for this country. Please vote for him,” Mr Bwalya said.

Mr Bwalya’s endorsement of President Lungu has been welcomed by others such as Minister of Agriculture Given Lubinda.

He said President Lungu and his Patriotic Front ( PF) team have embarked on a path of development that shall help create jobs as they roll out roads, hospitals, schools and railway lines.

“ The infrastructure roll- out in my view is a winner for President Lungu because the results benefit everyone including those opposed to him because they have to drive on roads in order to do their campaigns… President Lungu means well,” he said.