Kaizer Zulu Vs Enoch Kavindele Jr – What Really Happened?

Kaizer Zulu Vs Enoch Kavindele Jr – What Really Happened?

I was very reluctant to write a piece on this one but since people have been trolling and speculating about it, I just had to make sure the story is out and as factual as it can be.

Kaizer Zulu wrangle with Kavindele Jr, how did it come about?

For those of you who have no clue who this Kaizer character is, he is actually the political advisor to the President. Yes! H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

According to loud mouth Chilufya Tayali, an altercation between Enoch Kavindele Jr’s entourage and Kaizer Zulu’s entourage happened around 3 AM on 25 September 2015 at Chrismar Hotel after the ladies’ man Enoch tried to snatch a girl Mr. Zulu was eyeing. Vulgar language was exchanged and the confrontation went back and forth and abruptly furious Zulu charged up and snack out to his car and grabbed his gun and shortly afterwards fired a few shots in the air to scare away Enoch and his team.

Last Friday Kaizer Zulu was then arrested by police at Woodlands Police Station where he was summoned to answer allegations that he had threatened violence against Enoch Kavindele.

But soon after that, in a letter dated 29 September 2015 addressed to the Criminal Investigations Office at Woodlands Police Station, Enoch Kavindele Jr said he has voluntarily withdrawn the criminal complaint against Zulu and that the two had reconciled.

Speaking yesterday at the Government Complex in Lusaka, Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani said, “I am aware that Kaizer Zulu was arrested and placed on police bond. If at all the complainant wishes to withdraw the matter, then the matter can be withdrawn. As you are aware, cases, which are reported by a complaint, can be withdrawn if they want. There is no rule against their withdrawal.”

And that is how Kaizer Zulu’s case was swept under the rug.