Kabwe Man Quotes The Bible To Justify His Infidelity

Kabwe Man Quotes The Bible To Justify His Infidelity.

AFTER tying the knot with his wife, a man of Kabwe told the Katondo Local Court that he impregnated another woman and took her in as his second wife.

Before magistrate Lackson Mulanshi and Anna Yashini was Jones Mutale, a business man who was sued for compensation by Belister Musonda.

Musonda narrated that in 2012, Mutale got married to his wife but that he also insisted on marrying her daughter, an offer which was turned down.

Mutale claims he is also entitled to marry multiple women just like King Solomon from the bible. Mutale also made mention that his acts are justifiable in comparison to King Solomon who had 700 wives.

“I am a man who has an overwhelming sexual appetite so one woman for me is not enough. I need at least multiple sexual partners to quench my sexual thirst,” explained Mutale.