Kabwe Girl Dumps Baby In Septic Tank

Kabwe Girl Dumps Baby In Septic Tank.

POLICE in Kabwe have arrested a 21-year-old student at Paglory University who allegedly dumped a newly born baby in a septic tank at a local church.
The police have identified the suspect as Josephine Chipatuka, who is admitted to Kabwe General Hospital under police guard.
When confronted on why she opted to dump her newly born, Chipatuka, said her pregnancy from the get go was a mistake.

“I was enticed into having unprotected sex by my boyfriend after a party and I was intoxicated. If it wasn’t for the alcohol, I wouldn’t have been that careless to sleep with him without protection.

After I got pregnant, I informed my boyfriend who later denied that he was not responsible and he said he had nothing to do with my pregnancy. He told me to have an abortion but I was too scared to have one. So I decided to keep it.

But I later realized that during these trying times, its nearly impossible for a person like me to raise a child. That’s what led me to commit this inhuman act. I kindly ask the Zambian general public to forgive me,” sobbed Chipatuka.

Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi said yesterday in an interview that Chipatuka faces a charge of attempting to murder her infant, which was retrieved alive from a septic tank at CMML Church in Railways Township.