It’s Business As Usual As We Await Alliance Talks, Says Nevers Mumba

It’s Business As Usual As We Await Alliance Talks, Says Nevers Mumba.

MMD president Nevers Mumba says his party’s focus is to prepare itself adequately ahead of the August 11th general elections. And Dr. Mumba said the details of the proposed alliance will only be made public after modalities and discussions are done.

Speaking when he featured on Christian Voice Radio yesterday, Dr. Mumba said his preoccupation was to make the MMD strong in preparation for the general election. He said his party believed in democracy and good governance for sustainable development hence the need for the people of Zambia to bring back the former ruling party.

Dr. Mumba in answering some people who question his involvement in politics as a Christian said he wanted to bring morality and integrity to the leadership and the way politics should be done in the country. Dr. Mumba said he was the light to the darkness, adding that Zambian politics have to change.

And Dr. Mumba said it was erroneous for some people to suggest he is only interested in being running mate to someone else. He said he is also a potential candidate for the Zambian presidency. He said the MMD is considering two people to be his running mate.

He said MMD was continuing its programs as normal even as modalities and discussions of a possible alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) were under way.

“NEC asked me to meet President Lungu over the invitation to work with the PF and see how it can be done. MMD and PF are two different political parties and we are yet to discuss,” He said.

Dr. Mumba also revealed his massive country wide mobilisation plan with the visit for Eastern Province in the coming few days on the cards.

“I am from Northern and Central Province where we have been encouraging our members to remain steadfast and support the leadership. In the next few days we will be going to Eastern province for a similar mobilisation programme.”

Dr. Mumba also said he was not going to be petty concerning the governance of the nation by expressing bitterness against the police action to teargas an MMD meeting last year, saying Zambia was bigger than himself.