Is Iris Kaingu Marriage Material?

The other day, my boys and I were talking about how Zambian girls are slowly transitioning from traditionally upright church going girls to Miss independent Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton type of girls. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with being an independent lady making ends meet alone but just the very thought of attaching Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton to your claim of independentness is morally suspect for most Zambians. We are all allegedly church folks.

After a sip or two the name Iris Kaingu popped up and you know how Zambians talk about scandals over beer and the main question was, is Iris Kaingu marriage material?

For those of you, who have no idea who Iris Kaingu is, let me feel you in. Iris Kaingu is quite as thought provoking as they come. Daughter of Michael Kaingu(Zambian Minister of god knows what) , Zambian amateur Adult movie pioneer and an over zealous traveller is the least of what Iris Kaingu is. Iris Kaingu has a body of a goddess and a face of an angel and am sure most Zambian guys are fasting and praying just in order for them to get a chance to take her out.Is Iris Kaingu Marriage Material??

I have always wondered, are girls like Iris Kaingu marriage material? Will Iris Kaingu finally settle down with a respectable Zambian man? We all make mistakes and surely Iris Kaingu is not an exception. But what Zambian man would marry a girl who splits her land of milk and honey for the whole world to ponder upon? What Zambian family would let their beloved son marry a girl like Iris Kaingu?

After our alcohol levels started kicking in, our moral levels drastically started to decline and most of my friends chipped in their two cents over the matter. On average most of them said they would silently and obscurely date Iris Kaingu. “Iris is smashable material not marriage material”, Mutale exclaimed as he chewed his Muchopo. “Iris is like the Knife Bridge at Victoria Falls, everybody wants to go on it but nobody wants to stay on it forever”, said Chisala thoughtfully.

Well you decide, is Iris Kaingu marriage material or nah??

Iris Kaingu as innocent as can be
Iris Kaingu as innocent as can be

Looking on the bright side, Iris is a strong woman who beyond all trials and tribulations has managed to keep her head high and just be herself. Just as they say, we all learn from mistakes and we surely hope Iris Kaingu will in the near future be an ambassador of goodwill by sensitizing the youths on the dangers of having unprotected sex and indulging in premarital sex.