Interesting Facts About Zambia You Probably Didn’t Know.

Interesting Facts About Zambia You Probably Didn’t Know.

So you think you are Zambian to the core? So just because you grew up in Zambia and you were literally fed Nshima twice a day doesn’t make you Zambian incase you find any of the facts about Zambia listed below to be intriguing.

So without further do, here are the most interesting facts about Zambia we compiled and incase you do have some facts about Zambia that you think deserve to be on the list, be sure to comment.

Interesting Facts about Zambia you probably didn’t know.

    • One of Zambia’s National symbols is the African Fish Eagle, which looks much like the American Bald Eagle.
    • The nearest ocean to Zambia is 600 miles away.
    • Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia was initially planed for only 200 000 people but it is now home to over 1 500 000 people.
    • Iron and Copper have been mined in Zambia for over 2000 years.
    • Over one third of Zambians live in urban areas.

  • Zambia is one of Africa’s most urbanized countries.
  • There are seven local semi-official languages: Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga, Lunda, Luvale and Kaonde.
  • One mushroom native to Zambia grows nearly a yard in diameter, making it the worlds largest.
  • Zambian military helped the Allies in WW2 by fighting Burma.
  • Anything considered ‘rural’ is called ‘the bush’.
  • Zambia is considered to be Tropical.
  • Since Zambia’s independence, the country has had 3 constitutions.
  • Termite hills in Zambia often ‘grow’ to be as big as a cottage.
  • Zambia is slightly larger than Texas.
  • From November to April, Zambia experiences severe rainstorms (the equivalent to the Asian Monsoon).
  • Zambia has a mild climate, rarely reaching 35 degrees C (95 degrees F)
  • Northern Zambia is full of beautiful waterfalls.