Inefficient And Ineffective Political Approach – Chomba Kaluba

Inefficient And Ineffective Political Approach – Chomba Kaluba.

As a concerned citizen, there are many issues not to be overlooked. As Zambia strives to develop and empower its people, there is need to assess best and most effective ways of managing national issues.50 years following independence, the country still lacks proper infrastructure, transparent leadership in government, and descent living standards for its citizens. Some rural parts of the country remain segregated with no education and health infrastructures, resulting in higher illiteracy rate, unemployment, and poor health and sanitation systems.

While every Zambian is responsible for the well-being of the nation, politicians are more accountable, they are tools of change and they should be in the forefront transforming Zambia.

Unfortunately, politicians are busy moving from one party to the other, only seeking memberships in parties where they see greater chances of being elected or re-elected. Instead of being servants of the people and deliver the most needed change, they are busy thinking of how to sustain their positions in government to only benefit them.

This selfish way of doing things robs resources away from people and opportunities for change and empowerment of ordinary Zambians. It is this same selfish approach, which results in costly by-elections.

When one Member of Parliament leaves a party, the country goes for by-election, and within months of spending money, the same person returns to government in the same capacity. Have we ever imagined how much could be done with the resources spent on by-elections? Have we ever calculated how much it takes to set up a rural health clinic? Pave a rural road to empower local businesses?

In my opinion, I would like to propose that at some point, a Zambian constitution should highlight that once an elected official leaves a political party (ruling or opposition), that person should or must take care of his or her own expenses if he or she wants to participate in elections again, or once you leave a political party you have to wait until general elections to stand for elections.

It certainly costs the country so much money when someone switches and we have to hold by- elections and after the by elections the same people come back into government. I don’t see any efficiency in the current system. When politicians are being asked to fund their own by-elections when they defect, it is most likely that they will become discouraged to defect from one party to the other for only selfish reasons.

Chomba Kaluba,

Social Science Faculty,