I Will Not Use Witchcraft To Win Elections – Nevers Mumba

I Will Not Use Witchcraft To Win Elections – Nevers Mumba

MMD President Dr. Nevers Selwila Mumba has said he will not use witchcraft to win elections and that his reliance is only the word of God, the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. Speaking in Katete yesterday in the ongoing Eastern Province party mobilization tour where he addressed party members and other local people that gathered to listen to him, Dr. Mumba revealed that on his many trips around the country, he had been approached by various well-meaning people who have advised him that to acquire the services of witchdoctors in order to win elections.

They told him that most presidential and parliamentary candidates rely on witchdoctors who supply them with various concoctions and fetishes to apply and wear around their waists and other parts of the body in order to get some kind of spiritual advantage over their opponents in elections.

He told the gathering that he was aware that many politicians especially in Africa have come to rely on witchcraft to get into political office, but gave a word of caution and advise to all those aspiring for public office to be careful not to use this method because it amounts to actually using the satanic power of the devil which usually visits them and their families afterwards in order to be ‘rewarded’ for the power that was offered for them to win.

This results in serious illnesses, usually leading to death because that power comes at the cost of paying a sacrifice usually with their lives. During their time in office, their countries and people experience untold hardship and suffering usually involving many social and economic difficulties and tragedies.

In a report entitled “Belief in Witchcraft leads to Murders in Africa,” the author Benjamin Radford, a Live Science contributor alleges that In Africa, witch doctors are consulted not only for healing diseases, but also for placing curses on rivals (or removing curses placed by rivals). Witchcraft magic is used for personal, political and financial gain.

During the 2015 Presidential election in Zambia, the issue of witchcraft and satanism became a huge talking point of discussion which went on until just a few days before the election. It is generally believed that many politicians in Africa, even if well educated, will at one time or another succumb to the use of witchcraft to get jobs, to get businesses and indeed political advantage.

There have been unverified media reports of late, of witchdoctors being ferried from neighbouring countries to bolster and fortify political advantage.

Zambia went through a period of serious social and economic difficulties characterized by a failed economy in the period prior to 1991, but experienced an immediate transformation when Zambia came under the rulership of God through the Declaration fo Zambia as a Christian nation in December 1991. This period of economic prosperity and growth was sustained until 2011 when there was a change of government and the country has again found itself in another period of extremely challenging economic difficulties similar to those experienced prior to 1991.