GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) says he feels sorry for President Edgar Lungu who doesn’t seem to know why he is in State House.

GBM, the UPND vice-president for administration, said in an interview that the Patriotic Front had cheapened the presidency.

He wondered how President Lungu, who claimed to know the law, could allow his press aide, Amos Chanda, to belittle the Judiciary.

“Now everyone in PF thinks he is a president. This is what happens when the presidency is given to wrong people. Zambians should wake up. I feel sorry for Edgar; he doesn’t seem to know why he is in State House. He has not read the Constitution. We shall not allow lawlessness in this country, this will not be allowed at all. We shall not allow Amos to go scot-free because this may repeat itself,” Mwamba said.

He wondered how a civil servant like Chanda could have the courage to threaten the judiciary.

“Zambians should now know that the PF government is not fit to govern this country. They are overstepping their boundaries and cannot separate between the Executive and the Judiciary. Of all the people, surely Edgar takes one little nincompoop in the name of Amos Chanda to start belittling the judiciary and giving them directives!” said Mwamba.

“This is unfortunate. It has never happened in the history of this country. Interfering with the judiciary is not only bad to the government but a time bomb to them. Amos is a civil servant, so how could he issue such threatening statements; in what capacity?”

Chanda, during ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme, said the nullification of elections for PF members of parliament was causing discomfort to President Lungu and warned that if judges did not exhibit responsible conduct, the country would consider judicial reforms the Kenya way.

He said this after the High Court’s nullification of the election of Lusaka Central PF member of parliament Margaret Mwanakatwe and Munali PF member of parliament Professor Nkandu Luo, citing violence, use of government resources, corruption and other electoral malpractice.

Chanda further warned the judges not to act in a manner that creates an impression that they were participating in politics, saying the recent nullifications of PF parliamentary seats had caused a lot of discomfort in the ruling party.

He boasted that President Lungu superintended the judiciary, executive and the legislature.

“There is a lot of discomfort and this discomfort arises from the fact that where he sits as the Head of State, he oversees the entire country; he oversees the judiciary, you may not want to agree, he oversees the executive [and] he oversees the legislature. But his intervention in any single arm of government is so well thought out and measured. What I can say for now, because these matters are before court, is that the judiciary must act in a manner that does not create an impression that they are making themselves available to participate in the political arena [because] that will be dangerous,” said Chanda.

Several stakeholders, including the Law Association of Zambia, have condemned Chanda’s attacks on the judiciary.

But President Lungu, upon his return from Tanzania last week, defended his press aide and said there was nothing wrong with what Chanda said as the judiciary was not immune to criticism.

President Lungu then ordered ZNBC to rebroadcast the programme last Thursday.