I Failed Biology Exams Because Teacher Was Too Sexy – Kitwe Boys Pupil

I Failed Biology Exams Because Teacher Was Too Sexy – Kitwe Boys Pupil

It has been resolved by the Teaching Service Commission of Zambia that, teachers will be required to put on proper decent uniforms whenever the go to teach their respective classes starting May, 2016.

The Teaching Service Commission held a three days retreat from 8th to 10th December 2015 to discuss the Code of Ethics for Teaching Profession. The commission said female teachers put on indecent clothes like see-through tight skirts and blouses, which expose G-strings and bras. It is said this kind of dressing disturbs the pupils.

And to support the cause, a former Kitwe Boys pupil, Nervous Fwalanga, has whole-heartedly supported the development because he claims he failed his Biology exams because of his inability to concentrate during classes whenever his biology teacher walked in class.

We asked Nervous Fwalanga why he felt this was a right move by government and this is what he had to say.

“ I remember always having an erection during class whenever my Biology teacher walked in. She was in her middle twenties and she had a body of a Goddess.

Whenever she was writing something on the board, everyone in class would be hypnotized with her endowed behind. Her flimsy skirts would always finely trace the lines of her nickers and this would drive me crazy as I imagined myself in bed with her.

After her lessons, I would frequently rush to the toilet and I would pleasure myself by masturbating while the memory of her was still fresh.

Unfortunately by the end of the year when it was time to write our Final grade twelve exams I realized that I knew nothing in Biology and so I ended up having good grades in the rest of the subjects except for biology where I had a credit (5).

That is why I support this new initiative to prevent other pupils from going through what I went through,” narrated Fwalanga.

We asked Fwalanga to give us the name of the teacher he was referring to and in which year he graduated secondary school but he opted not to reveal those details.