I did not kill my husband, testifies Precious

I did not kill my husband, testifies Precious

By Mercy Nayame

MURDER accused Precious Longwe on Wednesday told the Lusaka High Court that she did not shoot her husband Akakanda Litebeele.

Longwe is charged with the murder of her husband and was last month found with case to answer.

Opening her defence before High Court judge Sharon Newa yesterday, Longwe said she had a fight with her husband after a drinking spree, resulting in the gun discharging accidentally, shooting him in the process.

She said she owned the gun from October 2015 to May last year when the incident occurred and that her husband was aware about it.

Longwe said she was still in shock following the shooting incident because she had two children whom she wanted to grow with their father.

She said killing her husband was the last thing she could have done.

“It’s not true that I killed my husband. He was killed accidentally by a gun which went off during our struggle. Until now, I don’t understand, I am still in a state of shock about what happened,” Longwe said.

She, however, told the court that her husband was a violent man who used to hit her with metals.

Longwe also told the court that her husband used to insult and call her a bitch.

She said Litebeele also insulted her parents and could not remember some of the things he told her on the material night as she was drunk.

Longwe said after the husband left her at the club, she tried to call him but he did not answer her calls until she sent him a message asking where he was.

She said the husband responded telling her to ‘get lost’ and that he had called her parents to tell them about her behaviour.

Longwe said she told him that he had made a mistake to call her parents at night as it was disrespectful and that she was not happy about it.

Longwe further said she later called home and asked her maid if it was fine for her to knock off at that time to which she agreed.

She said when she got into the living room, she found her husband lying on a couch with a gun near him and this scared her.

Longwe said she knelt and hugged Liteebele and pleaded with him to discuss whatever problem they had but he did not listen to her.

She said her husband asked her where their son, Takondwa, was and she knew at that point that she was in trouble as it had become a habit for him to first ask about the children every time he wanted to hit her.

Longwe said as she tried to reason with him, Liteebele picked the gun and since she knew how violent he was, she got scared and decided to grab it from him.

The court also heard that the couple started fighting for the gun which, in the process, accidentally went off and shot Liteebele.

Defence continues on February 10.

Precious with late Husband
Precious with late Husband