Husband Inspects Wife’s Private Part

Husband Inspects Wife’s Private Part

TIRED of her jealous husband, a housewife of Kitwe has dragged her spouse of 16 years to court for divorce because he inspects her private parts each time he knocks off from work to see if she had slept with another man.

Judith Chabanzi filed for divorce on grounds that when buying food for home, she shares equally with her husband as a rule he has set.

Appearing before Garneton Local Court senior magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu was Chabanzi, who sued Isaac Chituba for divorce.

The two tied the knot in 2000 and have two children together.

Chabanzi said all was well when they got married but problems started in 2012 when her husband introduced that they share financial responsibilities in buying food for their home.

She narrated that each time her husband knocked off from work, the first thing he does is to insert his finger in her private parts to check if she had slept with any man.

“ When buying mealie meal, we always put money together and if it is K100, I contribute K50 with my husband topping up another K50 in line with a rule he has set. My husband is also a jealous man. The first thing he does when he returns from work, is to inspect my private parts,” she said.

The court heard that one day, Chituba chased his wife after not being satisfied with his inspection due to some discharge he discovered from her private parts.

Chabanzi pleaded with the court to grant her divorce as she was tired of her husband’s behavior.

But Chituba said he found his wife massaging her boss, a Chinese national, when he visited her at a named Chinese company.

He said security guards at her working place told him that his wife had been sleeping with her boss and that from that day, he lost trust in her.

Magistrate Ndhlovu granted free divorce and ordered Chabanzi to pay K500 each month for child support.