Blair Underwood holiday in Zambia

Hollywood Star 'Blair Underwood' relaxing in Zambia

Guess who popped up in our beloved landlocked paradise? I know all the Zambian women are going crazy about this. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the Blair Underwood himself is here. Is Blair Underwood having a holiday in Zambia? Yeap!!

Hollywood movie star Blair Underwood took to social media to share his pictures of the good times he is having in Zambia.

He can be seen relaxing at the Royal Zambezi in the tourist capital Livingstone.

Underwood is star of numerous blockbuster movies and series such as Dirty Sexy Money, Madea’s Family Re-union, Malibu’s Most Wanted and Rules of Engagement.

We hope Blair Underwood won’t take all our beautiful Zambian women with him back to the land of the free because these Zambian women can be too thirsty at times.

Zambia has hosted quite a number of Hollywood stars in the past 2 decades because of it’s rich touristic scenery. You know you folks in the west lack these things and Blair Underwood is just another piece to our collection of mega super stars.

So as Zed corner we have listed a few Dos and Don’ts for Mr Blair Underwood just to get him acquainted to our territory.

Ps. If you are planning a trip to Zambia soon these are applicable to you too.


1. Don’t wear expensive jewellery e.g a watch (this might suggest you have a thick wallet and it might attract the wrong “audience”.
2. Don’t behave as if you know it all, REMEMBER you are in a foreign developing country and things are differently from your country, Like the saying goes, “when in Rome, do what the Romans do”.
3. Don’t be anxious or nervous for nothing. people are generally nice and from time to time you will be asked y strangers if you need help with anything.
4. Don’t dish out money to every street kid you see (they are everywhere and you might just run out on cash yourself)
5. Don’t carry lots of cash on you at any given time
6. Don’t smoke on the streets
7. Don’t expect speed Internet (and Internet is very expensive 2GB might cost you upto $20)
8. Don’t take take pictures of private places especially government buildings without permission.
9. Don’t insult the locals (think before you speak).

1. Do wash your hands before and after a meal
2. Do ask the locals about things you are not sure of (they know better than your travel agent)
3. Do eat local and make friends
4. Do visit the Sunday market and the kabwata cultural village in Lusaka
5. Do give a tip for a good service when you go somewhere. at the restaurant i think there is a policy of 10% (am not too sure) but other places, its upto you. a dollar or two for someone who gives you some valuable information is pretty good. (i don’t know how much is too much and how much is too little to tip someone…so go with your instinct).
6. Do read about the Zambia, her people and tourism in general before you go there, i would recommend this book “Zambia (Bradt Travel Guide Zambia)
7. Do expect to queue up especially at the bus stations and at the banks.
8. Do help yourself especially if you are invited in the home of a Zambian and you need some water and you can actually see it. grab a cup and help yourself
9. Do make yourself comfortable and be part of the locals especially when you go out to have some fun. Zambians are generally good with hospitality and they will always make you feel at home, participate in their games or social activities.
10. Do use your right hand when giving or receiving something. Also when greeting someone.

I hope Blair Underwood or anyone who stumbles across this article finds it super helpful.

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