HH Must Give Credit Where its Due – Kwacha Appreciation Is Not Accidental

The Patriotic Front (PF) has said that United Party for National Development (UNPD) leader, Hakainde Hichilema is not being sincere over the appreciation of the Kwacha against the dollar.

PF Member of the Central Committee, Paul Moonga said that Mr. Hichilema is failing to concede that the appreciation of the kwacha is as a result of reduced government expenditure and improved investor confidence following meetings between President Edgar Lungu and the mining companies.

Mr. Moonga said this in a statement maded available to to the media that Mr Hichilema must learn to give credit where it is due instead of telling lies to Zambians for the purposes of achieving his political ends.

He challenged Mr. Hichilema to be at least honest in his exercise of political power instead of using a twisted tongue to win votes.

Below is the full statement

Sunday, April 10, 2016

We have noted with interest a statement attributed to UNPD president Hakainde Hichilema that the gains recorded by our local currency, the Kwacha should not be attributed to the PF government but global trends.

This is clearly nonsensical coming from the UPND leader who had initially claimed that the loss of power of the Kwacha must be attributed to the PF government even when they knew that this had resulted from the economic slow-down on the international scene.

The fall in Kwacha was purely an effect of those events in the world economy and as PF we have always said that the government of President Lungu will make efforts within its power to address the challenges using local initiatives.

We never said that because the problems were coming from the international scene so they will not be addressed. So we find it disturbing that such an extreme and deliberate distortion of truth could come from Mr Hichilema.

He must know that the economic events world-over remain bad with the price of copper on the London Metal Exchange still at an all-time low but the efforts of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his team is responsible for the reversal of the trend as promised on several instances.

There has been reduced government expenditure and improved investor confidence through dialogue between the Head of State and the mining companies thereby increasing dollar in-flows in the country.

As an economist, Mr Hichilema must know this but he decided to distort information to suit his limited political fortunes. This kind of politics is a disgrace and Zambians with moral presence must reject it.

Mr Hichilema must learn to give credit where it is due instead of dreaming of ways of telling lies to Zambians everyday for purposes of achieving political ends. Mr Hichilema’s style of doing politics is barbaric and primitive to say the least and we will not spare him.

While it is true that the world economic down-turn can leave our economy in a bad state, it is only the government which can address them especially that the down-turn is still on-going.

It is therefore immoral and unchristian for Mr Hichilema to emerge from a Church and immediately tell lies to a journalist. We wish therefore, to inform Zambians to ignore Mr Hichilema who deliberately wants to misinform people in order to win political sympathy.

The Kwacha is gaining as a result of the good economic policies, the initiative by the President to engage in dialogue with mining investors and a general reduction in government expenditure.

On Mr Hichilema’s claims that the Kwacha will only be considered to have gained if it reaches K5 per Dollar, it is our considered view that he was hallucinating because he knows that every step the Kwacha takes is an appreciation.

We are aware that Mr Hichilema is disappointed that his only source of hope for winning the election was on the economy which was not been performing very well but things are changing. This means that his main campaign message has been swept off his feet and he is stranded.

He has nothing to say of tangible value anymore since the issues he has been raising are slowly being addressed while he still fails to come out of allegations that he has failed to call for a convention to demonstrate goodwill towards respect for democracy.

As PF, we are challenging Mr Hichilema to be at least honest in his exercise of political power instead of using a twisted tongue to win votes.
Mr Paul Monga

PF Member of Central Committee.

Source: Lusaka Times