HH Has Diplomats’ Blessings For August 11 Elections

HH Has Diplomats’ Blessings For August 11 Elections

Hakainde Hichilema is definitely getting adored by the international community. Recent incidences have proven that the international community is in favour of HH taking the throne come August 11.

However, the political warfare going on in Zambia shows an unpredictable outcome of who will emerge victorious. PF seems to be getting ready for a knock out.

In recent development, Diplomats accredited to Zambia on Saturday visited UPND president Hakainde Hichilema at his residence in Lusaka and wished him good luck in the August 11 elections.

Led by Turkish Ambassador to Zambia Ahmet Ardar, 15 diplomats, among them US envoy Eric Schultz, Bernd Finke of Germany, Timo Olkkonen of Finland, Japanese Ambassador Kiyoshi Koinuma, South Africa’s High Commissioner Sikose Ntombazana Mji, Filipo Scammaca from Italy and European Union head of delegation Alessandro Mariani, visited Hichilema at his residence in New Kasama area.

Other diplomats accredited to Zambia from Britain, India, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Ireland, Sweden and Canada were also part of the delegation.

Speaking during a luncheon hosted for them, Ambassador Ardar, who spoke on behalf of all the diplomats present, said the international community would pay attention to the concerns on several issues raised by the opposition leader. He said the diplomatic community was concerned about the violence being perpetuated by political parties.

“We take note of the concerns raised about political violence and the need to end this. We will also pay attention to what we have noticed. On behalf of the diplomats, I would like to just thank you very much and we wish you good luck,” Ambassador Ardar said.